About Me!

Hello & Namaste!

I am an undergraduate student at IISER Kolkata. Founder cum Editor of digital THINK TANK –  ‘ The Scientist Post ‘- a media advocacy channel –  start-up. A journalism buff. Follows Indian politics. Loves satires! Die hard fan of Indian cricket and hockey. Loves to travel UNESCO heritage sites during free time. I am a recipient of the prestigious INSPIRE fellowship offered by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. I am the appointed Indian Global Youth Ambassador for the United Nations led A World At School, working to accelerate the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s Global Education First Initiative to put 58 million out-of-school children into learning in collaboration with youth ambassadors across 80 nations.

#Fast Facts#

  1. Involvement for 8 years as chief educator, coordinator and project leader of Bhagyalakshmi Anchalik Sishu Kalyan Kendra, Bandormari (Sivsagar, Assam, India) since 8th standard of schooling.
  2. I got the opportunity to run the Aryabhatta Science Centre project in Bandormari village. I was the student leader who was fully responsible for developing events, workshops, implementing outreach activities etc. The activities of this project are still being carried out and have been in full functional mode since 2009.
  3. Due to active youth engagement, during 2013, I was selected to be the national delegate at Manthan: The country’s biggest youth movement to help set agenda for general elections 2014. In this national contest, we developed a plan and strategy, based on our experiences in the NE region of India, a new implementable policy for the growth and development of the region.
  4. During 2014, being an active demonstrator and environmental advocacy advocate, I was selected as a country youth delegate, for the special event of Delhi Sustainable Development Summit where we had talks for a sustainable future with various international delegates and amazingly we won the group activity which had the theme of ‘Innovations for a sustainable future: Education for sustainable development’ and in which we created a sustainable road map for food security with pragmatic action plans for the ever growing population. That was indeed the biggest moment, as because IPCC Chairman Dr. R.K Pachauri appreciated our work. It was my first international event of magnificent voltage.
  5. The next heydays came in the form of being selected as one among ‘Global Youth Ambassadors’ for ‘A World At School’ supported by Office of UN Special Envoy for Global Education; and also to represent the prestigious position of country ambassador for Tunza Eco-Generation, environmental networking platform for children & youth by Samsung Engineering – United Nations Environment Programme for the advocacy works I’ve doing in environment studies.
  6. And, I am involved since 6 years implementing projects in sexual and reproductive health and allied education advocacy in Assam…

    Moving ahead… [Life has its own rewards and gifts. You never know how you discover yourself to the best of your inside.]

  7. And, recently it’s been a super honor for me to be awarded and granted the distinction of Associate Fellow to the prestigious The Royal Commonwealth Society, Great Britain. Whats this? In brief, Associate Fellowship is granted to those who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to promoting the values of the Commonwealth and working to improve the lives of Commonwealth citizens. 
    Now, that I am the recipient of this prestigious honor – Buckingham Palace, is not-a-distant dream.
    Thank You ! The Queen of The Royal Society Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 
  8. Full thanks to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for your invitation to join the lead-up COP-21 Conference of Parties meet at New Delhi. That 6th June, simply made my day, a day!
    Being a youth advocate and learning climate diplomacy cant be less than a superbly made wonderful-delightfully cherished experience. With this, Indian Foreign Services hope is thus concretely, then took birth. An IAS aspirant was I, but UNFCCC you radicalised me and inspired me exclusively to take my path into a career-diplomat IFS. I will!

    Special thanks to Table No 12 for your wonderful comments, wishes and making me believe that – I can lead – Our India. I assure you, India has a brighter future. Promise!
    UNICEF : “It was one of the moments which I am cherishing it for-forever…”

    Thanks for the opportunity Z. Abaakil. I am glad to be of your benefit for a global cause!

    More is coming up shortly…! 😉

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