India’s Silent Response

In his visit to the Washington, the prime minister of Pakistan, His Excellency Nawaz Sharif says, “India is adopting dangerous military policies.”
Indeed. Sahi Hain!
A sovereign state like India needs to take care of its own and has its own responsibility to create strides towards development in an epochal era of globalized economy in the rising 21st century to successfully meet the demands of the populace. Though problems exist with many exceptions, with optimism it can be dealt because Indians simply cannot keep calm with mediocrity.
To develop new technologies and update one’s military and armed strengths, is a display of success of the efforts which is achieved by the hard-working human resources. It shouldn’t be a surprising thing for others to take it and believe as a dangerous practice and lethal policies. A dangerous practice is one when with increased unemployment, the youth takes the shortest path to glory in quest to find peace by all wrongful means of reaching the almighty – being a jihadi for all misunderstood cause!
A country which was born in the same year as yours in 1947, with active and proper utilization of human resources has already created milestones and reached the Mars and the Moon and no doubt has been creating a buzz on earth and outside the earth too.
Utilizing resources to create a nuclear power has no appreciation of being good, but appreciation is to whom to what it takes to do good for the humanity as a whole. The past has already demonstrated India’s prowess of its defence forces in any external infliction in Indian territory, needless to mention about the outcome of the four wars!
26/11 perpetrated by the fomented terrorists from your own territory, which strong evidence says – was trained, equipped and directed by actors – who in 2015 is a cult-hero and roams freely like a superstar in a sovereign state is no less than a mockery of a cultured and aspiring nation who believes in creating an atmosphere of peace with India.
It is thus necessary for India to think egocentrically for itself and create more updated means of protection in military and warfare methods and policies to protect its countrymen because we cannot afford to have one more nightmare like 26/11 whose chilling memories still does create goosebumps. To lose innocent civilians because of ones fun and enjoyment in the name of almighty and playing with the lives of – a father, a mother, a son, and a daughter is not something which India ever thought of in its wildest dreams.


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