Energy | India Needs Sound Policies And Sustainable Implementation

Today, I’m focusing on how India and energy is correlated to each other. Energy is something which everyone needs. Usage of energy is deeply rooted. Its applications cover a wide range of spectrum and without it; it’s hard to think of life. In short, with clean air to breathe, potable water to drink and so one of the basic necessities of life is energy. Our lives and our everyday actions are either directly or indirectly dependent on the use of energy. In fact, it is the Sun of our solar system which is the ultimate source of energy for all life forms on earth, and the universe! Energy is an indispensable element for the population of flora and fauna to sustain, human beings in the society to live, a nation to progress and develop, and sustain its economy, inasmuch significant extent it is possible in as many dimensions it can cover. The vast Indian subcontinent is the world’s fourth largest energy consumer. With increasing population, the demand for more energy is on the rise. Increase in the population is directly proportional to the increased demand in need of energy. Its demands have been increasing rapidly, but unfortunately due to inadequate energy infrastructure and national energy shortages is a matter of serious concern.   It has the potential to perpetuate energy poverty leading to energy crisis. The production and usage of coal is an important attribute of the nation’s progressive development. Most of it is consumed by the rapidly growing power industry. It is estimated that in the predictable future, the nation would increase its production and would reach to 780 million tonnes by the end of this decade. Due to increasing rate of climate change, leading to excessive summer heat and other natural disasters, the coal factor is being hurt, increasing the demand for increased imports. India, being the fourth largest consumer of oil and petroleum in the world, is highly dependent on the imports from the Middle East. Due to changes in the environment, the dynamics of geopolitics would change and would hurt the growing demand of this life sustaining important factors, for the nation to develop. It is to be mentioned that the domestic natural gas production has reduced during the recent years, and as experts feel, would reduce more up to a significant extent. Natural gas has immense importance on power generation and is highly reliant. Talks for obtaining natural gas are one among a challenge. At present, about 65 per cent of its electricity demands are covered by the intake of non-renewable resources, which is worrying, because as we know, once the finite natural resources gets exhausted, it is gone forever and would never ever return! Only 2 per cent comes from nuclear energy, maybe with precautionary steps and critical policy making and implementation, would change the face of power and energy dimension, and would definitely, sooner than later, make a difference in the energy usage. The shortages of electricity, is leading to a huge loss for many industries, which is leading to less productivity of goods or increase in economic prices. It hurts the growth in economy. Need for electricity is increasing, and so is the problem also arises to cater the needs of a billion people. 77 million households still use the traditional kerosene for daily needs, which do have far-reaching bad effects on health. About 44 per cent households, in rural India, lack the benefits of accessing electricity. Firm policies and quality implementation of sustainable methods can help in the long run. What the nation needs to cater its growing demand for energy, is major reforms in the existing infrastructure and much efficiency in its implementation. With the new government at the Union, under the leadership of able Prime Minister Narendra Modi, time will see what major reforms can he bring up in the interests of the nation needs, and to the benefit as a whole globally by utilizing resources efficiently in a sustainable manner. In this regard, I believe active importance and steps for the development of the spectrum in the solar and the nuclear energy dimensions can be beneficial and bring upon wonderful solutions towards and beyond.


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