For A Defining Future | Will Indo-U.S Partnership Strike Gold ?

January 26th has its own significance in the history of the world’s largest democracy which so far, since its inception, has been traveling across the decades witnessing its past glory and achievements as the years unfolded in the subcontinent. India is all geared up to celebrate its 66th Republic day celebrations, this Monday. It will be of much importance because it is surely, once again going to be one of the biggest national celebration which will be hosting its chief guest, none other than the world’s most powerful man, his Excellency Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America, which also makes the most highly anticipated event, both from the sights of Washington and ‘Dilli’. New Delhi is ready to honor the presence of Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama, and the suspense of this Indo-U.S. summit is wonderfully acknowledged from all over the quarters and also Pakistan keenly observing this celebrations and what is in its store for the future for both the triangular corners of India-U.S., India-Pakistan and of course Pakistan-U.S.. This is not a bizarre incident of time or anything you say. Indeed, it’s a fact that Obama will be and is the first U.S. president to travel India twice during his term and also the first U.S. president to be invited for the country’s Republic day celebrations which had earlier seen the likes and attendance of some of the world’s greater known and most powerful personalities like: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Nicholas Sarkozy. This is going to be a huge event and will be seen as a red letter day’s history from the future when we would analyze the past for the achievements, progress and development which would take shape n the years to come and a garnered relationship between both India and United States. It would not have been possible to reach this stage of growing relationship if Prime Minister Narendra Modi led India was absent. Modi, has come far in taking India to the new heights of glory. In the present tuenure, of course what I feel, the declaration of June 22nd as the International Day of Yoga, by the United Nations, on the call of PM Modi, supported by more than 170+ nations, is indeed a solid example that the world leaders from all the spheres of the globe are well supporting the vision and far sightedness of the Indian PM Narendra Modi. Now, when India, with the world will celebrate the International Day of Yoga for the first time of the history, would definitely be a cheerful moment, praiseworthy and Yoga will flourish all the way in developing a healthy mind and a healthy body of the populace of the world. The world will acknowledge India. Thanks to Modi and our rich heritage and traditional affairs with Yoga since time immemorial! India and United States has been always in the limelight when these two countries meet, and always a serious matter of ‘affairs’. The big question of the hour is: What Modi has for Obama? And, what Obama has in its store house for Modi and India for a new defining relationship? And, how India and US would be benefited with this highly anticipated summit? Can Modi-Obama partnership strike the century and hit the bulls eye of this decade of growth and the development of this century? This coming two days has in its all. The future is here when both the leaders meet and deliberate on the concerned issues which would benefit both the countries in long term planning and showcase mutual respect, growth in harmony and of course what we all need is an all round ‘incredible development’.
Barrack H. Obama, had said, “And it s my firm belief that the relationship between the United States and India – bound by our shared interests and our shared values – will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. This is the partnership I’ve come here to build. This is the vision that our nations can realize together.”

Looking deep and digging into the affairs of the past, a significant turnover could be seen which has only strengthened the Indo-U.S relationship. And, also 4 presidential visits to India in this century (2000-15), more than the previous century of only 3 (1947-1999), defines everything that high levels of strategic engagements has increased and the results are indeed laudable. India is the 8th fastest growing source of foreign investment in the U.S. and also n terms of total trade affairs, the United States is the largest trading partner with growing India, and the notwithstanding the rooms for improvement, as always, has been open. In terms of defense exercises, both the militaries have participated in as many bilateral activities like Yudh Abhyas, Vajra Prahar etc. The defense forces of United States, the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and Special Forces has been involved in many of the exercises with India. Defense trade has been very promising in the development agenda for both the nations. The tourism industry and traveling vice-versa in both the countries have increased rapidly amounting to an increase of $1.2bn to $5.6bn in 20o3 and 2013 respectively, an unprecedented remarkable growth and a boost to the tourism and commerce industries. A significant quantity of Indian Americans have been running everything from government agencies to states, major companies, also among the Fortune 500, research and development activities etc. A fact is that: The Indian Americans are headlining the bold news reports and also the prime shows!
The past is has been the wonderful past and only had been the founding stones for a better-shared ‘future’, which both the countries are living with. And, as human beings have the tendency to live a good to better life, so hopes, dreams and aspirations do uprise in quest for a better life and better future. Priorities, home tasks and other assignments and diplomatic levels of high-level talks are in a stand-by mode, as of now. Obama and Modi looks forward for a strategic defining partnership and so we will to look ahead for the outcome. Nevertheless, mysteries are wonderful and trying to decode it by any and every possible means before the exact time is too a wonderful task to calculate. What we can expect? It is actually and indeed highly possible that amazing solutions would pop out very soon, either in development in clean energy, defense, investments and infrastructures, intellectual property rights, free trade, geopolitics, civil nuclear deal, FDI in retail. Now is the time to re-energize the energy in store, and trigger the button to hit the bull’s eye and commit themselves to dialogue-of-mutual-benefits, particularly focusing on the areas of progress and development, in order to build the ‘21st century defining relationship’…?


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