Happy Tigers

It is not every day that you come across some wonderful moments to cherish about and feel proud of. When climate change is transcending at a fast pace, environmental conditions are deteriorating and wiping out anything which is living in and on the earth keeping the inhabitants, either in the mode of vulnerability or extinction, and where shocking statistics on wildlife crisis disheartens you and in the midst of all, something amazing pops up, to make you feel wonderful for the nature. You’d know love to know that, at a time when tiger population was decreasing in the last decade due to extreme atrocities created by illegal activities, now it has risen up to a 30 per cent increase in population. Now, isn’t it amazing? Certainly, this news has made the entire people of the nation, and especially nature and wildlife lovers, go in mode of super excitement. Indeed, we must applause for the commendable efforts made by both the government authorities and forest officials. The Western Ghats landscape in India holds the distinction of having the world’s single largest population of tigers. The latest census resulted in estimating a total of 2,226 tigers in the regions of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, earlier it was 1400 in numbers. However, in some of the states like Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Goa, there was no such significant improvement. The reasons for this success in the population growth of big cats are many: proper implementation of wildlife conservation policy, improvement through use of modern tools for use of forest personnel and security guards to protect the wildlife habitat against illegal poaching activities, etc. Now, is the time to analyze on the work done and the much needed home-work that need to be calculated out for conservation of other important wildlife species? However, with this current trend, many things are yet to be done for the benefit of many other animals too. Like the famous one-horned rhinoceros needs much attention in this critical hour. In my next article, I’ll come up with another informative article, which would surely concern many amongst us..!


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