The Largest Social Networking Service In Making | Environment Awareness | Guess ?

‘Social Media Network’ has defined the new face of internet. It has been a wonderful journey for the ‘Social Networking Sites’ to connect millions of its users to stay connected among the loved and dear ones. We’re highly indebted to the wonders of SNS which have made our life easy and comfortable, without which it would have been quite impossible to stay in touch with our connections regularly creating a hiatus in the connection status. It is actually possible to reach the millions through SNS. We are blessed to live in a world where we can connect with anyone, anytime and everywhere. Social Media can actively help in the lines of educational purposes. We can talk, discuss various topics among the entire globe, and give solutions to the problems which we come across. With the advent of internet, it has taken the entire humanity into a connected globe and globalization has been a wonderful phenomenon. Since 1969, with the introduction of ‘Arpanet’, followed by introduction of e-mail service in 1971 to ‘Project Gutenberg’ to the establishment of ‘World Wide Web’ in 1989, the journey for internet has been a tremendous roller-coaster trip. We pay high tributes to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for revolutionizing the web which had played and have been playing an instrumental role in the development of everything we see around. Development through the decades is really commendable. Networking started followed by the invention of amazing products like Microsoft Hotmail in 1997, Google in 1998, Blogger in 1999, Wikipedia in 2001, Friendster in 2002, Linkedin in 2003, WordPress in 2003, Facebook in 2004, Podcasting in 2004, Flickr in 2004, YouTube in 2005, Twitter in 2006, Tumblr in 2007, Bing in 2010, Pinterest in 2010, Google+ in 2011 and continuing. The past two decades has played a major role in our lives. Now, at this present era of science and technology social media is accessible from virtually anywhere. Internet population has crossed more than 2.4 Billion users which itself shows a sign of a massive and glorious achievement. Well, that was only a short brief history on how internet and social media network had been evolving since its inception.

Now, let me take the opportunity to let you know that there actually exists an amazing SNS which was established in the year 1996 by Samsung Engineering: Eco-generation. Yes, its root of birth exists long back 18 years ago. In today’s era, esteemed Samsung products need no special introduction because its products have become an integral part of our lives. Introducing Eco-generation had its own mission, a mission to bring environmental awareness among the children and the youth in the ‘The Land of Morning Calm’-South Korea. Later, in the following years in 2006, after receiving amazing responses ‘Samsung Engineering’ in collaboration with the UNEP expanded its famous CSR initiative to the Asia-Pacific region with an aim to broaden the concept and reach maximum number of environmental champions by emphasizing on learning and sharing contents among the enthusiastic ones. A red-letter day of 27th September 2011, the pioneers in environmental advocacy introduced the website to reach the globalized earth’s international audience, which indeed brought down a revolution bringing to the forum amazing young leaders to share, express, work together in a beautiful environment with eco-friendly initiatives.

Now, you must have been thinking what are ‘Tunza’ and ‘UNEP’? UNEP stands for ‘United Nations Environment Programme’ which basically coordinates the areas of environmental activities of the famous civil society organization working towards the welfare of the society, United Nations Organization. It was founded in the year 1972 in the month of June when the United Nations Conference on Human Health concluded with a broad vision and objectives to create an atmosphere of creating sound environment policies and practices among all the nations, which would benefit the entire humanity from the changing climatic conditions. Its headquarters is based in Nairobi, Kenya. It has varieties of programmes for young people and the children, among which one of them is widely known and appreciated as ‘Tunza’. It happened so in February 2003, the UNEP adopted a strategy to involve and engage the students in the environmental activities which gave rise to the ‘Tunza Youth Strategy’. The word ‘Tunza’, in Kiswahili regional African language means, to treat something with utmost care and affection in order to sustain a long term. The theme is to form and develop interesting activities, environmental awareness, and exchange of information, in order to create a generation of active concerned citizens who are environment conscious and work towards sustainability and sustainable development. It is indeed a wonderful social networking box which comprises of amazing surprises every day and month. You can make like-minded friends from around the world, participate in amazing contests every month, publish and articles written by environmental stewards, gain valuable resources for education and many more wonders are in store.

With the inception of ‘Tunza Eco-Generation’, it has come a long way in bringing a positive sense of responsibility among the concerned youth and children and continuing to do so to bring in more and more participants, through its noble mission. It is matter of big pride that I am among the many of the ones who is representing this prestigious initiative for my nation, India. I have a dream that it becomes the largest forum for environmental SNS and we, the ambassadors are all set to make it happen. With firm determination and courage, positive campaign and awareness, it will be a massive spectacular achievement very soon which we pray whole-heartedly. Let, you be known by everyone and get inspired by you! Together we can make it happen for a sustained earth so that the coming generation will praise ‘Tunza Eco-Generation’ for everything it had done for them and will continue to do so until everything exists.



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