Birth Of A Philosophy

The Social Nerd


“Vanité” by Philippe de Champaigne

The tyger is not burning bright

The fleece has rotten

The ombre has frayed

The forests are desolated

The islands submerged

Apocalypse is the last bird’s song

Divinity has refuted all

Under the weight of the charcoal sky.


“The Hands”– “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo 

But I see a narrow ridge,

A sparkling ridge in this gloomy mind.

From nothingness to philosophy

The ridge is the charisma of my mind.

I see darkness being scattered by light

And perdition- heaven bound.

The melancholic tale of philosophy

Has dared to dream.

Icarus would have taken pride

For the philosophy is his zeal.

I wonder what it would lead to

Pandemonium or Belle Époque?

So, I adhere to my philosophy

And spoke of it like a devotee

Philosophy- My master and my creation.

I let it out for the world to see


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