The Light Of Duskiness | Let You Be The Light | Diwali


And, we are here again at that point of the year where lights cover and lit up the entire surroundings. This is the time of celebrations of joy and the time of life to enjoy the moments with near and dear ones. Undoubtedly, the festival of Diwali has been a spectacular fest since down the ages in the rich history of Indian heritage, culture and tradition. We enjoy. We cherish the time with our loved ones. We deeply love everything. Amazing gifts, finger-licking delicious foods, colossal time and whatnots we don’t prefer to make ourselves comfortable and go with the groove of the festival of light and indeed live life to the fullest. We are proud of the rich heritage of our culture and tradition which we possess, for which we carve long to fulfil our inner expectations with a pursuit to make those days of calendar year a remarkable event. How amazing the celebrations would have been if we all could have celebrated with the same intensity of joy with equal passion and delight? How beautiful the moments of the passing time would have been if people from all the strata of the society could have joined in the celebrations and celebrated the spirit of culture? How amazing the surroundings would have been alike where the tech-savvy rich and the labourer poor, the far-away children and the aging parents, the hard-working toilet cleaners and the bosses, the street child longing for food in the bus-stops, shopping malls, parks and the destitute beggars could have enjoyed the festival, which brings lights to the lives of everyone? Ironically, that light to strengthen the lives with a little amount of joy and help is far far away. Look around, and find the surroundings. You can see the lights can be brought up by the ones only who can afford of it and it is impossible as always for the light to reach the black hole of the poor. Maybe it is now our time to help the underprivileged and show the light. Let’s reflect us for the benefit of humanity. Why can’t we act as the torch bearers for a change and for a hope for the unheard? Let us aim to do our part and lit-up a candle in the doors of someone who crave long to see the rising light of his/her light.
58 million children are out-of-school and learning. This is the biggest crisis which we are facing in the society. This is the threat for the existence of the millions. A threat which has the power to destroy the lives of millions and the ultimate power to kill the dreams of millions of aspiring stars who wish to ‘star’ someday aiming to rise and shine against all odds and evens.
This #Diwali let us pledge to make our voices for the cause of education and for t he benefit of education. Education has the power to transform lives. It can change the course of a nation into a spectacularly developed nation.
Peace! Harmony! Love! Humanity! Is possible. Education can be possible for everyone!
Let’s pledge to raise our thoughts, voices and concerns to make an educated society this #SubbhDeepawali!

Join us, in the history’s biggest petition. Be the hero to light up!



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