The Forest Man

Do you think that a man can establish a forest single-handedly? Have you ever wondered that it is possible to make your own forest and live happily with the wonderful nature? Maybe not, or it may sound an impossible task? Yes! We have planted a single sapling, two or more, or maybe dozens in our lifetime. But, that impossible task seems possible for a man, who can be actually considered as a super-man of the Mother Nature and as a whole of the ?Humanity?. For the sake of love towards the nature, the willingness to protect the wonders of nature and the habit of taming anything living or non-living of the ecosystem made this all possible for this guy, who is widely considered to be the ‘Forest-Man’. He is Jadav Payeng, a natural inborn exceptional environmentalist hailing from the state of Assam in India. He is the man who is the creator, generator, protector and master of his creation ā€“ an approx 1400 acre forest, which has incredibly surpassed the size of New York’s Central Park. He lives a normal and simple life living in a house made of bamboo and wood. It all began in the year 1979 in the pristine and one of the largest river islands of the world ā€“ The Majuli. Majuli Island is the necklace of the river Brahmaputra. The Brahmaputra River is the lifeline of the social, cultural and economic aspects of the entire north-eastern region of India. In short, the entire civilization is dependent upon the mighty Brahmaputra. Majuli Island landmass has been lost due to rapid erosion caused by environmental degradation since long 100 years. It was during once upon those times when massive floods washed upon the entire place leaving cropland and vegetation devastated, animals and plants died, keeping many other homeless in a state of unrest. And this is the reason where Jadav Payeng, the then only a young boy of 16 years old, found himself nature calling-to-do-something for the ones who can’t speak and the ones who are subjected to human cruelty ā€“ the elements of environment. He then pledged to devote his entire life for the cause and protection of the environment which indeed turned out to be the most exciting and turning point of his life. At a time when no other officials of the administration listened to his voices, he decided to take up his journey all alone for the benefit of the mankind leaving his home and education. He was isolated. None was there to help him. It is with hard determination, persistence and efforts made him move ahead and work out in is mission to save environment. It had been a journey of over 30 years. The long years of hard-work brought glory to his efforts. Now, then a barren sandbar is home to the exotic species of migratory birds, rhinoceros, elephants, tigers, flora and fauna and other amazing stuffs of the constituent biodiversity. This short story of an incredible person inspires us to do more. If one can have such an amazing sense of responsibility for the environment, why can’t we as young citizens pledge to do many more good things for the environment? Just imagine, if one man can produce and conserve a forest land of approx 1400 acres single-handedly, then for sure with firm ambitions we can reach the ultimate to-be seen impossible heights, to make it possible. With strong courage, will and clear ambition anything is possible! Let’s do it, something even bigger than this to achieve another milestone for the humanity.


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