The Element Of ‘Learning’ For A Developed India | From The Illustrious Narendra Modi’s Eyes

Masterjii has been playing a major role in the Indian education system. He is the one who knows exceptional things, has tons of hidden knowledge and treasure, and the one who conveys the matter of anything and everything. On this auspicious occasion of Teachers’ Day let us join hands and pray for the teachers who made us read, to write and more importantly ‘to learn’. Admit it or not they have been inspirational in our lives. They made us what we are today. We owe you everything we have. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, perhaps made one of the best decision in his running tenure in which he came up with an amazing idea celebrate the greatness of Dr. Radhakrishnan by communicating and interacting with those millions of school children through the advanced use of technology on this very special occasion of the 5th September across the length and breadth of the multi-cultural diverse India. Spectacular Modi always has been chanting about a digital India and a digital revolution which can play a major role in nation building and transforming developing India into a developed India. Here is the summary and the best moments of the interactive session:

Teaching: A dwindling profession? Everyone wish to be an engineer, a doctor, a pilot or anything as they like but hardly a handful wish to take up teaching as a profession. What Modi needs in India is world-class, quality, illustrious and passionate teaching staffs who can transform India to the next level of development. With this India can rise into glory and fame in the globe. He wishes to see everyone irrespective of the posts he or she holds to utilize one hour of his time and teach the children. This may have immense potential to see the wonders. The time has come that we need to export the best of the brains and of the highest calibre. Why not volunteer? Let’s volunteer to bring a difference. Education has the best potential to bring on the change of anything which we want to see or wish to see. Modi is widely acclaimed for his extreme use of wordplays. He kept no stone unturned to make this happen on this day too which itself was quiet inspiring and awe-thinking. There is a saying in China that those who think only for a year, they sow food grains, those who thinks for a decade, they plant fruits. But, those who thinks for generations, they prepare human beings and humanity. You call it ‘Jeevan charitra’ of ‘Biographies’ , it has the potential to inspire and motivate. It can surely make someone feel and believe that anything and everything is possible with firm determination, persistence and hard work. What Modi believes is that biographies of amazing personalities ranging from politicians, sportsperson, celebrities, freedom fighters, etc. have something of them in it which defines the time, the history, the personality, the circumstances and everything which specifies a life. In turn, he urges everyone to make a habit of learning and get inspired and establish the ever good habit of learning. Reading books should be a habit for everyone. ‘Google Guru’ should be a habit to learn from; indeed it provides the information but not the nature of knowledge, as expressed by Modi. After concluding his recent international visit to Japan, Modi remarked to a student query that there is a vast difference between the education system of India and Japan. Taking an example, in Japan, parents and students clean up the garbage’s, which is actually worth the thunder claps but the scene is quite different in India where if anything goes like this would become a national issue. A transforming journey from the CM of Gujarat to the PM of the largest democratic nation in the world has been quite, in a personal sense, incredible. He mentioned it was unlikely that he visited the beautiful national capital leaving hectic work schedules aside from PMO to Raisina Hills. As asked by a student if he ever wondered to become a PM. His response was quite interesting who never stood up for the elections of a class monitor. Developing an idea into action is praiseworthy which involves solid dreams and a believer to make it happen. A proper experience can do wonders and pave the path exceedingly unbelievable roller-coaster journey. In real life, Modi wish to express himself as a taskmaster. A taskmaster, who is willing to perform more hours of work than his counterparts at work, for him nation comes first. Everyone should become good students who can take on the responsibility well and execute his or her duties joyfully which is a major attribute of a nation builder and a patriot who in the long run would have the potentiality to run a nation. What we Indian’s need is to make an attitude to learn and learn which would create new paths of everything for a developed India.





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