Why He Is A ‘Bharat Ratna’ ?

Much speculations have been raised if Major Dhyan Chand should be awarded with the country’s highest civilian award, ‘Bharat Ratna’. Accordingly, it had been found too that the sports ministry recommended the legendary sportsperson for the prestigious award. Unfortunately, the story is different!

Among the sports enthusiasts, I am someone too who respect the greatness of Sachin Tendulkar and the wonders which he had gifted to the Indians and the world, is of immense incomparable heights.

Salute to Master Blaster! You deserve a massive standing ovation.

It’s August 29th, National Sports Day which is celebrated to honor the birth day of legendary Major Dhyan Chand.



Looking at the facts, I believe legendary magician in the hockey field should have been awarded this elite prize much before. Why should it been? Let’s check the following:

1. Netherlands: It happened once when Dhayn Chand visited the Netherlands. The authorities broke his hockey stick to check if there was a magnet inside. Wan’t that bizarre?

2. Austria: The residents of the capital city of Austria in Vienna, have installed a statue of Dhyan Chand with four hands and four sticks in honour of his wizardy. In fact, it is seriously awesome!

3.Germany: Adolf Hitler had offered Dhyan Chand German citizenship and a position in the German Military following his brilliant performance in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Seriously respect, Adolf Hitler!

4.England: A tube station in London has been named after Dhyan Chand. The Raj-era showed respect too, shouldn’t we do much more?

5.Australia: Sir Don Bradman, one of the greatest legends of ‘Bat and Ball’ on watching playing Dhyan Chand said, “You score goals like runs”. Perhaps, that was the only time when both the legends shared the same platform.

Well, that was little about his achievements.

He accomplished. He ruled. He played. He brought glory to ‘India’ and ‘Hockey’.

Legends never die.

It’s his 109th birth anniversary!
90s kids never got the opportunity to watch you #live

Still, with respect this 90s, a Hockey India fan and as a kid wishes you a glorious ‘Happy Birthday’.


Unmatched. Unparalleled. You will be the magic, for ever…!

Indian hockey team in 1936 Berlin Olympics. Dhyan Chand (standing second from left). Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


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