The Rape Cancer | Cure


For a country like India which is the world’s second largest populated country in the world it is necessary to develop new methods and strategies to improve the education scenario. Improvement in the present trend and school curriculum will enhance the productivity of education and in turn would help the country to move fast ahead in the developing process to be a developed country. It is a daily issue. We can watch everyday reports on rapes and molestation cases in print, electronic and internet media. The atrocities which the feminine class face are well shown off highlighting from anything to everything. The intellectuals would take the dais and discuss, the social media would either post or tweet about the plight of the victims, or a minister who holds a comfortable position would pay a tribute showing extreme emotions. Seriously! The nation needs some strict measures to deal with the cancer of rapes and molestation’s. One way out can be teaching school goers the basics of sex education and morality. Gender sensitivity is a requisite indeed to sensitize young boys and girls about gender equality so that they do not carry the prejudices of the generation. Children must be taught the art of self defense. Even the slightest of the skills can do wonders in case of emergency and danger to fight against. Physical training and sports like Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing etc can add bring a positive change in the mindset of the girls and women. Topics of civic sense, life skills, and religious knowledge are some of those topics which are not taught in schools. I guess, if these above mentioned topics are brought into consideration who knows we can envision a change in near future where the cancer of rape would diminish and where every female child can live a life securely!


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